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Long week at the office disables me from blogging lately. OTZ

After the not-so-early business with my friend in Manila, we went to Gateway for lunch and then we called it a day (well, her boyfriend was with her so it's kind of awkward if I'm with them the whole time - you know what I mean).

Then I decided to go makeup fagging :D I didn't bother going anywhere than Cubao anymore since I haven't really explored the whole Cubao area - especially the malls.

My E.L.F lipgloss recently ran out (after frequent usage) so I decided to experiment with a new one. Then I ended up in Beauty Bar buying this..

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pixel. PhP 895. Beauty Bar.

Quite the splurge, isn't it?  It looks nude - but not dead pale on my lips so I decided to give this a go. :D I was actually looking for a lipgloss/lipstick that can somehow tame down my natural lip color (because my upper lip is darker than my lower lip - dunno why

Well, it is much cheaper than Nars's Lipgloss in Chihuahua.  I really liked its shade but....1300 PhP. errr. not at the moment. ;A;

Out of the blue, I went to SM Cubao for the sake of roaming around.  I remembered that I wanted to cosplay Natsuhi of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, so I immediately headed to their wig section.  Fortunately, I found the clip-on wig extension I was looking for. :D

this be Natsuhi Ushiromiya of Umineko....

And this is my attempt to look like her. Curly part of hair is the wig extension. Beh, I has short hair. And yes, my bangs found its purpose!! XD

While I was fitting this, a number of ladies surrounded me so I'm kind of embarrased. T_T  I admit, the extension made me look better *gets shot*   So I was so tempted to buy it since it's just 800 PhP.  ARGH.  In the end I didn't buy it. Not today.  But sometime soon. :D  

ok, my bangs are in disarray :|  I'm also wearing my new lipgloss. :D

I'm still looking for a nude lipstick. any ideas?
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